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Complaints to Ofcom from EE customers about price rises

EE has now giving customers 30 days to change service before it puts it prices up.
With some price rises set to go up by 100% you need to check your usage to see if you will be affected. The following services are affected:

EE Price rises 2018

Calls to Ireland go from 50 p/m to £1 p/m
Calls to the Channel Islands go from 50 p/m to £1 p/m
International calls go up from £1.60 p/m to £2 p/m
Calls outside your package allowance go up from 50 p/m to 55 p/m
International text messages from the UK go up from 35 p/m to 55 p/m
Calls to 08, 09 or 118 go up from 50 p/m to 55 p/m (and you thought 0800 numbers were free)

Samsung will launch Galaxy Note 9 in India on August 24 (22-08-2018)

Samsung have a large stake in India with over 70,000 employees, and with the brand enjoying high popularity in the country, the Announcement of the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 will go down well, with the loyal users of the note phones.
If you want a phone that is big in size, has power and an option of 512Gb of storage this phone could be for you. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is very highly engineered and is finished to perfection.
This phone is sure to be a big hit with it’s fans and large user base. It will cost around 10% less than the iPhone X


Is it or isn’t it an iPhone X ? (21-08-2018)

You have got to be joking the new P30 from Motorola is a dead ringer for the Apple X. Even Google’s image recognition algorithms described phots of the P30 as IPhone.

It does not however just look the part, it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor  with 6GB of Ram. You get 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth 5.0, and also has fast charging which can give up to 8 hours of use from just 15 minutes of charging. The Motorola logo also acts as a fingerprint scanner. This is a good midrange phone.