Millard MacAdam
Pro Active Leadership

Millard MacAdam

I'm Millard MacAdam, and I head up Pro Active Leadership Consulting and Training in Newport Beach, California. What I'm sharing with you is based on my 16 years' experience as CEO of my own startup business which began when I was 27 years old.

I urge everyone who wants to start a new business to reflect on five key questions. If you come up with solid answers, you are more likely to be successful.

The first question is: Do I have a passion to carry out the tasks necessary for the business to be successful? People who go into a business for money-motivation alone are very likely to fail over time.

The second question is: Have I clearly defined a high integrity set of governing operating values that will support the delivery of quality products and services to my customers. Will I be able to promise a lot and deliver more?

The third question to ask yourself is: Do I have adequate funding in place, not just promised, to make sure that the business can make it through the first year without having to deal with financial crunches?

The fourth question is: Do I have the necessary leadership and managerial skills to implement a complete written business plan that serves as my working guidelines? As the saying goes, "Fail to plan and you are planning to fail."

The last question to ask yourself is: Do I know how to attract, select and hire only the best staff members? There's no excuse today for not using modern selection technology along with effective interviewing strategies to hire only the best staff members for all positions in your business.

There are other questions you'll want to ask yourself after completing the My Own Business course. However, by answering these five questions, you'll gain a good sense if starting the business you have in mind should be a go or no go for you.