Elaine Mitchell
Specialized Veterinarian

Elaine Mitchell

My name is Elaine Wexler Mitchell. I am a veterinarian and I own the Cat Care Clinic, a veterinary practice dedicated exclusively to the care of cats, in Orange, California. I started the practice after I had been an associate for five years in a small animal practice and decided that I wanted to go out on my own. My husband told me that finding a niche within the veterinary world was my best chance for success, and I do believe that specialization was the right choice.

I thought about a lot of aspects of veterinary medicine that I enjoyed, and one was working with cats. I knew that feline practice or feline-exclusive practice was an up and coming specialty. I decided to get involved with that and opened an all-cat practice.

Since opening my practice almost nine years ago, it has grown in size every year, and I've grown from being a one-doctor practice to now being a three-doctor practice. Through my specialty, I have become board certified in feline practice. I've written a book; I do some speaking; I'm going to have some television segments on KNBC, hopefully in the next few months. So, it has kind of blossomed from being a regular veterinarian to specializing in one species to even getting involved in different aspects of the media.

As far as what has led to success in my practice, I believe it to be many things. One is hard work as well as dedication and a true commitment to what I'm doing and really believing in what I'm doing. Also, hiring good staff members who also share the same philosophy has been very important.

We are not a low-cost clinic. I kind of think of us as a Nordstrom-style clinic where we spend a lot of time communicating with our clients and offering good customer service and taking care of problems after they've had our services here.

We have a lot of referrals for our business. Many of our customers are very satisfied and refer other clients to us. I also have many clients who write us cards and letters and always are telling us that they've never had so much TLC and personal care as they have with their pets here at the clinic.