Martin Ruiz

Martin Ruiz

My name is Martin Ruiz. I'm in the gardening business. The way I started was that I was working for a company, and I was doing jobs on the side. One day I got fired for doing that. After that, I decided to work on my own.

I've been working on my own for three and a half years. I've been growing my business little by little, and now I have enough customers. I'm learning a lot--how to do many different things, but it took me a long time to learn. When I started learning about gardening, I made a lot of mistakes. Some people called me to fix the timers and the sprinklers; sometimes they called me back and said I didn't do the work the way it should have been done. But now I have a lot of experience doing many things.

When I started learning how to fix lights, I went to school classes to do learn things. It took me six months to get the classes I wanted, but now I know how to do any kind of gardening things.

Anyone who has the desire to be their own boss should consider going into business. You've just got to work hard. I've been working very hard to make my business grow. And I invite anyone to do the same as I have done. Thanks a lot.