Fletcher Hull
Fletcher Hull Motors, Auto Sales and Leasing

Fletcher Hull

My name is Fletcher Hull and I have my own business called Fletcher Hull Motors. I worked for over 20 years for a large leasing company in Los Angeles. Then I decided to go into my own business.

When I started in business six years ago, I focused heavily on selling and I ignored learning how to run a business. It is extremely important that before one does anything, he should learn how to create budgets, understand cash flow, and most assuredly, be able to stay as debt-free as possible.

I felt that because I had been in the business for years, it would be very simple to begin and carry on from where I left off. My business didn't change in terms of being able to give my customers good service. But what did change is that I was much more competitive because of the smaller size of my business.

Make sure that you don't wait too long to hire people to help you expand. While you're saving money, you're losing business. But the minute I hired an assistant my business flourished and grew faster than I ever expected.

Find and know people that can give you advice and suggestions. It's a great thing to ask people to give you help and they love to do it. Then, never forget someday you can do the same thing in return.

A good banking relationship is extremely important. Meet the manager, walk up and shake hands with he or she, and introduce yourself as a customer. Make friends with the tellers and learn how to deal with them.

Pay your bills very promptly. I have an auto detail service that handles numerous dealerships that give them far more business than I do. But I pay them immediately when I pick up the car. So if I go in with a car I need quickly, they put me in front of everybody else.

This has been one of the most satisfying adventures of my life, I love what I do and look forward to go to my office.