Erik Wong
Video Producer

Erik Wong

My name is Erik Wong, and I own a company called Right Line Productions, a sole proprietorship. We are in the video production business. We produce informational, educational and promotional videos and even some TV commercial work.

I started this business a year and a half ago. I got a loan from my parents in order that I could outfit my company with two digital cameras with a desktop editing system and other necessary equipment.

I had this notion that I would be working only one or two days a week. We shoot a lot of weddings, so the idea originally was that I would take a Saturday to shoot a wedding, then take another day to edit the wedding.

I did not anticipate that it takes a lot of time doing paperwork, administrative duties and client acquisition. For instance, over the course of a week I'll take a Saturday to shoot a wedding and do the editing another day in the week. But then I find that for the rest of the week I'm drawing up contracts, or on the phone with clients, or seeking clients through referrals and shows.

One must realize that there is a lot of work that takes place behind the scenes that requires a lot more time than you might anticipate in the beginning. So it is important to pace yourself as to the number of initial clients you take on.

Once you have the experience of finding out how much time you have to spend with clients, you're going to develop better ways to organize your business. For instance, I used to go to a client's home to show them demos of videotapes and to solicit business. Now, I'm having them come to where I operate my business and most of my clients feel comfortable doing that. Also, it's a more professional way of doing things when you ask them to come to your office.