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Pure Recovery

Reactivating fatigued people
to improve their quality of life and performance.

It's worth taking a break

Insomnia and various sleep problems are a common issue nowadays. These not only cause stress during the workday, but they decrease the performance and life quality overall as well.


of employees in Germany suffer from sleep problems.

200 000**

sick days are spent due to lack of sleep.

57 billion €

are lossed per year due to sleeping problems.

"Lack of sleep makes people sick, stupid and fat"

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zulley
Director of the Sleep Medicine Center at University of Regensburg

Research shows that sleep quality and performance can be significantly improved by taking power naps. People who practice this regularly sleep better at night and experience clear benefits, such as:

  • Lower risk on getting cardiovascular diseases
  • Health and performance increment
  • Higher life expectancy

Our Apporach

By combining science, tech and natural inspiration, we developed the Prounge, a pure recovery experience for everyday power naps in offices. 

To address this, our team has developed an innovative solution for improving recovery during the day by using light, as it has an emotional and biological impact on human beings*. Cold light is blueish and mostly found in electronic devices. This light keeps the human brain awake and alert. Warm light simulates the sunset, which signals the brain that it is time to go to rest.


By combining science and natural inspiration we developed a private lounge for recovery, the Prounge. The LED panels on the ceiling of the Prounge produce a light that mimics the cycle of the sun. The user’s health data triggers the recovery experience, which changes the light starting from orange to red while dimming the intensity. This helps the person to fall asleep. Before reaching the deep sleep phase, the lights change their wavelenght to colder colors, in order to wake the person right on time.

Since taking Power Naps increase the sleep quality clearly, our focus has been to offer an efficient experience to recover and improve performance. With that in mind, we developed the Prounge.

The Prounge offers a pure recovery experience for your everyday power naps.

The solution for optimal Power Naps and recovery implements human centric lighting, white noise and temperature focused on the individual needs of fatigued people.


The integrated LED panels enhance the recovery by providing the right color temperature during the program.


The temperature of the Prounge adjusts to your needs, providing an optimal recovery experience.


Experience noise cancellation for a unique isolated environment and ambient sound.

Book it on the fly

Save time by easily booking a session from the app or desktop.
You can choose when and how long you want to recover.
The Prounge will be ready for you when you need it.

Check your statistics

With the Prounge Data Tool, you can check
your stress level development and see how your
health improved each time you used the Prounge.

In combination with The Prounge Data Tool, you are able to measure the health improvement of your employees well being. Anonymous data shows acceptance, utilization and stress level reduction of your team or department.

Experience the Prounge

Rent for

699 per month
  • Including THE PROUNGE DATA tool access for the inquired timeframe that you wish to rent.


  • Buy your Prounge now - INDIVIDUAL OFFER
  • Including THE PROUNGE DATA tool access for 1 year + free delivery.

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