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1. Illuminated Parchment Manuscript - Seder Birkat HaMazon, Birkot HaNehenin and Bedtime Kriat Shema

- Germany / Austria, 18



the text on every page.

The manuscript opens with an architectural title page -

illustration of an arched gate with two pillars, topped

with three vases. Written at the end of the title page:

"In Amsterdam typeface", with the word Amsterdam

enlarged (as was the custom of printers in those days).

On the following leaf, at the beginning of Seder Birkat

HaMazon appears a colorful ornamentation surrounding

the words "Baruch Hu U'Varuch Shemo" (Blessed is He

and blessed is His Name). The initial word of HaMalach

HaGo'el, on p. [14]a, is decorated with flowers, an angel

and a light-purple border.

[17] leaves (33 written pages). 12.5 cm. Fair-good condition.

Stains. Slightly faded ink in several places. Ink and paint

smears to illustrations. Tiny needle-holes to inner margins

from previous sewing of the leaves. New endpapers.

Contemporary restored parchment binding, stained.

Opening price: $45,000

Estimate: $60,000-80,000

"Seder Birkat HaMazon with lovely illustrations, also

Seder Birkot HaNehenin… and Seder Kriat Shema

al HaMita…" - illuminated parchment manuscript.

[Germany/Austria, 18



Pocket size. Ink on parchment, with colorful illustrations.

Contemporary parchment binding, with charming floral


A book of blessings with illustrations and ornamentation

characteristic to the "Moravian School" of book

illumination, of 18


century Germany or Austria.

The illustrator of this manuscript was, most probably,

familiar with books created by artists of the "Moravian

School": Aaron Wolf Schreiber Herlingen of Gewitsch



ko), Meshulam Simmel of Polná, and others.

The manuscript is composed of 17 parchment leaves.

Neat Ashkenazi square script with vowel points, and

instructions in Hebrew (Rashi script) and in Yiddish-

Deutsch (German in Hebrew letters - Tzena U'rena

script). The initial words and some letters are decorated

with miniature decoration. Rectangular borders frame