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Only a few Christian and Muslim manuscripts from the



century that bear some similarity to this manuscript

are known; the best-known of them is the Codex

Rotundus, a "book of hours" (Christian devotional)

manuscript written and illuminated in Bruges during the



century, known as the Rotundus due to its circular

shape. None of these manuscripts, however, include the

most striking and unique features of the manuscript

offered here - namely, its miniature dimensions, it being

written on a single sheet of parchment that can be

folded to pocket size, and it being written in Hebrew.

These three features make this manuscript an extremely

rare and exceptionally unique item.

There are only two known items which are similar to

this manuscript: In 1984, Sotheby's auctioned a similar

manuscript, consisting of 49 circles with a diameter of

6.5 cm, containing the prayers for Pesach, Shavuot and

Sukkot. A similar manuscript is held in the collection

of the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles. It consists of 64

circles and contains the Passover Hagaddah.

Enclosed is a metal case (with glass remnants), similar to

a pocket-watch case, used to store the manuscript.

[152] pages. Each circle has a diameter of 3.5-4 cm. The

entire sheet (unfolded) is 43X27 cm. Condition varies; fair

to good. The first circle of the first row is missing (part of the

text of Hallel was written on its verso, see above). One circle

detached. P. [83] is blank and darkened (its text was apparently

worn and completely faded). Stains, tears and damage to text

on the outermost circles. Stains from oxidation due to contact

with the metal carrying case when folded. The inner circles

are in good condition, with slight staining. Corrosion and

damage to metal case. Broken and missing glass.

Opening price: $60,000

Estimate: $150,000-250,000