Whos are Hurtigruten Cruises and what ships do they have


When the Norwegian administration decided to build a connection between the south and the north, Richard With together with Anders Holthe, his friend took the challenge of systematically mapping the seas alongside the coastline. DS Vesteraalen, Captain Richard's steamer, was taken for regular service alongside the Norwegian coast, and Hurtigruten was set up. In more than 120 years afterwards, Hurtigruten remains a key part of the life of Norway and transports crucial goods and people along the spectacular Norwegian coastline and expedition voyages from the Arctic to Antarctica and in between as well.

Hurtigruten Cruises is a destination centred cruise line that provides an exclusive cruising experience. Quietly floating through smaller popular regions of Norway, Antarctica, Europe and Greenland on modern ships, they enable visitors to explore places which are not common to tourists.

Hurtigruten Fleet

The Hurtigruten fleet is designed to carry mail and freight between remote areas, and still work as mail ships today. By joining this experience, the guests are able to discover secluded areas of a destination. Using a fleet of twelve classy ships, Hurtigruten Cruises provides you with a comfortable abode on water, with countless lounges to relax, Jacuzzis, locally sourced cuisines and well-equipped gyms. Just recently a new Arctic Interior was implemented to the coast of Norway sailing ships, bringing a refresh to the public regions with a cool, modern Scandinavian touch using natural components including slate, leather and wood.

Northern Lights

Sailing to some of the most attractive regions of the globe you can anticipate to be staring in admiration at the wonderful Northern Lights, relishing the spectacular curved landscape of Fjords or exploring the Drake Passage all the way to Antarctic Peninsula. These kinds of itineraries make Hurtigruten Cruises a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

An adventure around Antarctica gives you a remarkable experience. This exploration will bring you close to some of the most endangered species in the world including penguins and whales. Cruising the Norwegian Iceland and Fjords allows you to catch the most remarkable views you will ever capture, from the sculptured fjords to the Northern Lights, ensure your camera has enough memory. The alarm of a ship will always tell the passengers on board when the Northern Lights have been spotted to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to see them.


Hurtigruten does not only explore these incredible destinations, they also offer an array of thrilling excursions for you to explore. From experiencing the remarkable scenery of Lofoton Islands while riding on a horse to dog sledging through the Norwegian snow. Some of the wonderful excursions you can explore include:

  • The Snow Hotel
  • Bergen sightseeing
  • Lofoton Islands on a horse
  • Midnight concert at Arctic Cathedral
  • Breakfast at the famous North Cape
  • Riverboat to the border of Russia
  • Taste of Lapland
  • Whale watching
  • Polar kistroy walk
  • Huskies tour and scenery
  • Rid-safari to Saltstraumen
  • Munkholen
  • Ringve Museum and Nidaros Cathedral
  • Mount Aksla and Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium
  • Art Nouveau Walk

The dress code on board is smart casual including the welcome drink by the Captain. Heels are not advised and comfy shoes are encouraged. Comfortable, well-designed clothing is encouraged for shore excursions. The beautiful, intimate Hurtigruten cruises can never go unnoticed. Enjoying a high level of fresh and seasonal delicacies in a relaxed environment, Hurtigruten Cruises promises you a unique and memorable experience. Although Hurtigruten welcomes guests of all ages, the company does not offer family activities, kids clubs or child care services onboard.

There's a lot to enjoy throughout sea days with plenty of onboard activities including painting activities, ship bridge visits and expert talks that cover the history and science of the sailed regions. You will also have a chance to explore the onboard art, a ship library and quizzes.

The cabins are practical, comfortable and spacious with enough storage space to match the itinerary. The heated bathroom floors bring an additional element of comfort, whereas the bow cameras installed in the cabins enable the sailors to see what is happening on the outside.

Cruises offered by Hurtigruten


Finnmarken is simply one of the four vessels in the fleet of Hurtigruten to be assembled in the 21st century. This cruise ship carries sailors together with cargo along the coast of Norway.


Midnatsol refers to a high-class cruise ship, expedition vessel, cargo vessel as well as passenger and car ferry. This cruise ship sails throughout the year up and down the Norwegian west coast.


Fram was created for expedition cruises in some of the most regions on the planet. This ship spends most of the time in the Arctic waters.

Richard With

Just like the rest of the Hurtigruten fleet along the coast of Norway, Richard With refers to a working cruise ship that operates around the clock, carrying passengers and goods as well.


The 1,250-mile coast of Norway attracts traditional cruise visitors to a Nordnorge expedition. In the meantime, young European travellers use this ship as a means of transport between different towns.


Trollfjord joined Hurtigruten Cruises in 2002 and it's one of the most contemporary ships in the entire fleet. Trollfjord ship sails Baltic Sea journeys throughout the year from Bergen.


Built in 1996, Polarlys sails expeditions that explore the stunning fjords and coastal communities in Norway. This ship is part of the contemporary ships in the Hurtigruten fleet.


Nordkapp, also known as North Cape connects Bergen to 35 ports located along the coast of Norway as far as Kirkenes, a popular mining town close to the border of Russia.


Nordlys is one of the six contemporary ships in the Hurtigruten fleet. These ship sails expeditions that explore the fjords and coastal communities of Norway. The full cruise travellers are usually 50-plus and European.

MS Spitsbergen

The 335-passenger Spitsbergen was launched in the Arctic Circle in 2016 before going to Iceland, Arctic Canada, the Faroe, Greenland and the Shetland Islands.


Lofoten ship, named after the chain of islands off the Norway coast to the north was among the last cruise ships designed for Hurtigruten Cruises as a break-bulk freight passenger ship.

Kong Harald

The Kong Harald ship is one of the first ships in the Hurtigruten fleet to undergo a complete ship refurbishment. Hurtigruten Cruises hopes that the new look will attract a fresher crowd.


The Vesteralen ship in the Hurtigruten Cruises was designed in 1983 and refurbished in 1995. These vessels cruise Scandinavian itineraries, concentrating on the remarkable Norwegian Fjords and providing regional cuisine.

Fridtjof Nansen

Fridtjof Nansen is Hurtigruten's second new hybrid-powered voyage ships, which is expected to start in 2019. The initial one is Roald Amundsen, which will launch in 2018.

Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen offers unique nature-based experience and incredible expedition cruises at the same time considering the environs in which it sails. With new hybrid technology invented by Rolls Royce, Roald Amundsen is designed to be more maintainable, environmentally friendly and silent. The effective utilization of electricity onboard reduces the consumption of fuel and emission of carbon dioxide, making a cruise ship with Roald Amundsen a wonderful selection for conscious sailors.

Life onboard the Roald Amundsen is comfortable and it focuses on enhancing the amazing destination rich sailing experience that Hurtigruten Cruises are known for. The panoramic windows provide you with sensational viewing spots and the resident voyage team is at hand holding talks and lectures in relation to the itinerary highlights.

Planning for a vacation in Hurtigruten

Originally, a travel and communications link between the communities on the western coast of Norway, Hurtigruten offers an up-close appearance at the captivatingly intricate fjords, villages and mountains that were once remote and inaccessible. The Hurtigruten routes are often referred to as the most beautiful voyages in the world since they offer access to some of the most spectacular scenery and unique cultures in Norway, most of which are beyond the Arctic Circle.

Hurtigruten provides nine ships that sail throughout the year on the Norwegian coast express routes. The options include 12-night round-trip, 5-night southbound, or 6-night northbound sailings, visiting 34 ports in every one-way section. Other cruises spend some part of the year on Chilean Fjord and Antarctic itineraries or taking trips to Spitsbergen, one of the islands located midway between the North Pole and Norway.

The Fram also takes summer expeditions to a world cruise as well as Greenland. These cruises are also working vessels, transferring both passengers and cargo, but the cruises have the appearance of traditional cruises. Nevertheless, Mother Nature is the icon of this show. The tour leaders onboard all cruises support practical, voyage-planning details, although these ships are not conventional cruises.

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