Tenerife Kitesurfing: Ride The Waves

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your life and memories that last a lifetime? Are you looking for the ultimate vacation experience? If you are, then kitesurfing is the perfect thing for you. Kitesurfing, which is very popular in the Canary Islands, is one of the fastest-growing water sports and has been drawing both visitors and locals to the water to ride out the waves and catch some air. 

The sport is suitable for all levels and ages, making it an ideal activity for both families and single travellers. Even if you are not a pro, there is no need to worry. The wind creates the energy and pulls you along the water, it is that simple. All you need to do is steer your kite and decide when you want to get lifted off the water. 

Where to Go?

If there’s one thing that makes Tenerife unique it is its beaches. The island is home to various types of beaches, which offers you a variety of options to work with, something that can make it hard for you to decide where to go kitesurfing as its both exciting and challenging. To help you determine the best place to go kitesurfing in Tenerife, we have listed three of the most popular locations on the island below.

El Medano

El Medano is a beach located on Tenerife’s southern coast and is one of the island’s few beaches with naturally golden sand. Despite an abundance of restaurants and shops, nature here provides the most fun activities. With perfect conditions for kitesurfing, both the average traveller and professional kite surfers can take part. The great thing is that there are plenty of kitesurfing schools and shops dotting the beach. As such, adventure options are seemingly endless and right on the beach. 

Whether you’re a lone traveller or are travelling with family or a group of friends, the best way to learn how to kitesurf is by taking lessons from a local kitesurfing professional. There are a couple of schools along El Medano beach offering kitesurfing lessons. Once you’ve learned, you can always visit one of the many surf shops dotting the beach whenever you want and hit the water on your own. 

One of the most regarded kitesurfing shops in El Medano beach is Azul KiteBoarding. The shop offers lessons to people of all levels and is extremely mindful of students. But at the same time, they do rent out kites to people who already have an idea of kitesurfing and want to venture out on their own. 

Do Not Kitesurf On An Empty Stomach

One of the ways to fully experience Tenerife’s diverse cultures is by trying local foods. The great thing is that there are a couple of bars and restaurants in and around El Medano beach with plenty of local cuisine on offer. Be it you are an adventurer who loves trying out new cuisine or just prefer mainstream meals, there is an option for you. Familiar is one of the most popular restaurants on the beach. After a long day playing and having fun on the water, there’s nothing better than just sitting back and relaxing while enjoying a sumptuous meal.

Familiar’s focus is on Mediterranean cuisine, but also provides vegetarian and gluten-free options. Apart from Familiar, there is also Agua Café, which sits right at the edge of El Medano’s waterfront. Agua Café is the perfect spot for enjoying dinners as you view spectacular sunset views. Agua café offers everything you can imagine from cocktails to Mediterranean foods to that rustic feel. 

La Tejita

Another beautiful kitesurfing beach in Tenerife offering visitors a chance to enjoy watersport adventures is La Tejita. Located just 2km from El Medano, it’s the best alternative when looking for something a bit different from what El Medano has to offer. La Tejita boasts larger waves caused by stronger underwater currents. It is, therefore, recommended that visitors have some kitesurfing experience before venturing into the water. Nevertheless, the waves are still manageable for those looking for a challenge that’s still family friendly. While there aren’t many shops within eye distance on the beach, the good thing is that El Medano is not that far away. 

El Cabezo

If you’ve got some kitesurfing experience and are looking for some challenge, then Tenerife’s El Cabezo beach is just what you need. The beach sits to the north of El Medano and has hosted a couple of international kitesurfing events including Kitesurfing Championships and World Windsurfing. Please note that this beach is primarily for advanced surfers of the strong winds and large rocks around the beach. 

Be it you are a professional kitesurfer or just starting out, Tenerife is the perfect place to go to have the time of your life. Submerse yourself in Tenerife’s beauty and waves and create lasting memories.

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