Choosing The Perfect Canary Island

This could be the years of the Canaries. This means that over the last couple of years the popularity of the Canary Islands has resurged.  With the northern regions getting colder and colder, looking south for a sunny escape is understandable.

With 7 main islands to choose from, there is plenty of confusion on which choice is best for you. Here is a guide that will make this choice easier. 
If you are just looking to have fun, the best option for you would be Tenerife. This is the largest of the Canary Islands and is pretty much for everything and everyone. It has it all; mountains, beaches, villages, cities and many more hidden spots ready to be explored. No matter your age or threshold for extreme activities, this island will deliver. 

As for explorers, it would do you good to choose Gran Canaria. Arguably, this is the most misunderstood of the Canary Islands. This island has a reputation for the tackler beach break and the package holiday, but viewing it much closer, there is a lot more to the island. It is home to hundreds of beaches and ravaged volcanic landscape that is just waiting to be explored. 
If you are a film lover and cannot help but admire otherworldly landscape, then Lanzarote is the island for you. It is famously home to striking black sandy beaches.

Even though it is commonly overlooked as a barren place with little to offer, some of the major screenwriters will disagree. Furthermore, this island was used in the filming space inspired films such as One Million Years BC. 
Another popular one of the Canaries is Fuerteventura. This island may be comparatively flat and lacking is trekking or hiking opportunities, but its appeal may be found in its beaches. Miles of white, grainy sand beaches promise visitors long, hot and lazy days.

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