Ishak Abu-Hamad teaching an Arabic class in Drijat during the five-day program, August 2018. Eliyahu Hershkovitz

Meet the Jewish Israelis Studying Arabic as an Act of Political Protest

The nation-state law recently downgraded the status of Arabic as an official language, but some Israelis are fighting back by going out of their way to learn it – all the way to the Negev desert

DRIJAT – “Delicious.” That’s an easy one.

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    No way that 3% figure of Jewish Israelis speaking Arabic. Half of the Jews in Israel cane from Arabic speaking countries and their children speak Arabic fluently plus the Jewish Israelis who learned Arabic were n the army Mossad and the shin bet. Check your facts next time

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    at last good move ..less than 3% Jews speak Arabic .If one wants to understand the other ,one should learn their language .One doesn't express oneself in the same way in one's mother tongue and in one's learnt language .

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    1. If you had to go through life with the name Joel Stein, you’d also be angry.

    2. The fact that he did write it tells everything you need to know about his odd thought processes.

    3. How can you write such a stupid comment?

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    Sounds great, how can we be infornmed whom to contact