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How do I manufacture 2000litre/hour white phenyl?

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Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar, Mechanical Engineer. IIT Kharagpur

White Phenyle:

White Phenyl is manufactured by using Pine Oil. Pine Oil is antioxidant which helps in cleaning the air and cleans off the bacteria's spreading bad odor and cleans the stains. This benefit of the White phenyle is the limitation  itself. To clean bacteria’s from the floor, add Preventol KMX. It will help to prevent coming off Cockroaches and Ants.


Ingredients Pine Oil – 68 %

Emulsifier OP-95  – 30 %

Preventol KMX – 2 %

This is a cold process.

  • First Pour Pine Oil into the vessel.
  • Now add Emulsifier OP- 95 and stir them continuously.
  • The material should look clear, if not add little Emulsifier OP- 95.
  • Now add Preventol KMX.
  • Stirring should be continuous till the Premix looks clear transparent.
  • Now add 15 liters Water per 1 litre of this solution and stir properly.
  • Your 16 liters White phenyle is ready.
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Paul Jones
Paul Jones, Medical Scientist
Sarthak Jain

so it goes like ..

  1. take 20 gram of emulsifier + 20 gram of pine oil and mix them .
  2. shake it properly in a bottle having cap (preferably glass bottle)
  3. after 30 minutes you will get transparent compound
  4. best of luck...
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